We are currently in the process of converting and migrating a large number of shared servers from HELM to Plesk control panel.

While this migration will require a change in your site's IP address, your name servers will remain the same and your account will be placed on a more powerful server.

Below is a listing of the planned migrations and what the new shared IP address will be for accounts located on the old server. If you have a dedicated IP already, you will receive a new dedicated IP.

Current IP New IP

If your accounts are utilizing our name servers, there are no changes you will need to make on your end. If your accounts however are using an outside DNS service, you will need to update your domain's IP to the new IP for your site to continue to function properly.

New server login info will be send to the authorised email address upon the completion of migration.

The migration process is designed to be as smooth as possible. However, we do realize that some customers have had issues with the migration, as is unavoidable.

Rest assured that, our team is working diligently to resolve these issues as soon as they arise.

If you do encounter any problems with your account please feel free to contact our 24x7 technical department.


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