Knowledgebase: Domain and DNS
Change .my DNS

For the domain name that not under our administrative, client need to change the DNS on their own. You are able to follow the steps as below in-order to change the name server:

  1. Login to the link: enter the login details and Admin Contact Code
  2. Under Domain Name click on Modify Domain
  3. Enter the domain name and click on Search button.
  4. Select on the box and click on Modify button.
    Note: If the Technical Contact is not change as admin you will not have the option "Modify Name Servers"
  5. Check on the box to Appoint a New Technical Contact
  6. Enter the Admin Contact Code under the Existing Contact and scroll all the way down to click on Modify
  7. Repeat to step 2, 3 and 4 again
    Note: You will have "Modify Name Servers" option on your list ready
  8. Check on the box Modify Name Servers, check on Add / Remove / Change Name Server
  9. Under the change to you may enter as below name server code:
  10. Scroll all the way down to click on Modify



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