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How to configure email account on Samsung S7?
  1. To get started, tap Apps from the Home screen
  2. Tap Email
  3. Tap Add New Account
  4. Key in your email address and password
  5. Tap MANUAL SETUP to proceed with manual account setup
  6. Tap to select the type of email account you want to setup. You may choose any from POP3 account or IMAP account (we would suggest IMAP on this)
  7. Enter the required server settings for your email account
    • Username - The email address you are trying to connect to
    • Password - The password to that email address
    • IMAP server - (be sure to input your actual domain name)
    • Port - 143
    • Security Type - None
    • IMAP path prefix - Leave blank
  8. Tap SIGN IN to continue
  9. Wait for your device to verify the settings. If your device successfully connects, Sync Schedule screen will automatically prompted.
  10. Configure sync options according to your preference
  11. Tap Next to continue and tap Done to complete the setup