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What happens if I exceed my disk space or bandwidth?

You will receive warnings when your account is nearing its limits, and you can upgrade at any time in our Customer Portal. Be sure to keep your cPanel contact info up to date so you can receive these emails.

Disk Space

If you go over your disk storage you will not be able to write any more information to your disk space until you delete some files. This means you will not be able to upload files or receive emails (they will bounce).

Disk space is most often taken up by large files such as videos, or mail that is being left on the server and not cleaned out regularly. If you leave your mail on the server, make sure that you are clearing out the spam or messages with large attachments, or paying attention to how much space you have left and making decisions accordingly.

cPanel has a tool called the "Disk Usage Viewer" which can be helpful to see what files are taking up the most space.

Please note that if your account is over quota you cannot delete emails to get it under quota. This is because of the way the server email clients work - they move the messages to the Trash which counts as writing to the disk. Instead, you need to delete files or contact Technical Support to raise your limit temporarily so you can delete email and get back under your quota.


If you go over bandwidth in a given month your site will be automatically suspended until you upgrade or until the month is over.

Videos and music take up a lot of bandwidth. If you have these on your site you may want to host them offsite such as at YouTube or similar services.

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