Knowledgebase: File Manager
Setting file/folder permissions from Plesk Control Panel
  1. First, log into your Plesk control panel.
  2. Click on File Manager.
  3. Click on httpdocs folder. You will mostly need to set permission for the files/folders inside the httpdocs folder, which is the root folder of your domain.
  4. Decide the file/folder you want to set permission, and towards the right side of that you will see a "downwards arrow", click on that and select "Change Permissions".
  5. You'll see a list of Group or user names.
  6. Select Application pool group (IWPG_username) and tick the appropriate Write permission under the Allow column.
  7. For access databases (.mdb files), you might need to give Write permission to the file/folder depending on the scripting technology that you're using.
  8. Click on Advanced Options for changing the permission to allow/deny a user. (For advanced users only)
  9. Click OK to save the change after every action.


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