Hosting Ownership Transfer

Ownership transfer can be done once we received a confirmation email or letter from the current authorized/owner of the hosting.

Reminder: This process will be handle by Support team or Enterprise team

  1. The new owner must have an account with us. If no, they required to register them self at

  2. From the new owner account, they must submit an order for new hosting account by using the same domain name that they wish to transfer.

  3. Once done, we will migrate the web and email if applicable.

    • Windows -> Windows (Both Web and Email can migrate)

    • Windows -> Linux (Web can migrate, Email cannot migrate)

    • Linux ->Linux (Both Web and Email can migrate)

    • Linux ->Windows (Web can migrate, Email cannot migrate)

***Alternatively we can reset the hosting password if it is hosted separately from the previous owner account.

  1. We will send an email once the migration or reset password is completed.

  2. Update remark in CRM

  3. Follow-up with client if no issue proceed to close ticket.


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