Knowledgebase: cPanel
cPanel Reseller Account Administration

Accessing the Reseller interface:

You can manage your cPanel accounts through the Web Host Manager interface. This can be reached at

Account Creation:

In the Account Functions menu click Create a New Account.

Select a package for the new account.

From the Account Information menu you can also change passwords, suspend and terminate accounts and change storage and bandwidth quotas.

Password Modification:

In the Account Functions menu click Password Modification.

Select the domain

Enter and confirm the new password

Suspending an account:

Click Manage Account Suspension an Account in the Account Functions menu

Select the domain to suspend

Enter a reason as necessary

Click Suspend.

To unsuspend an account, just select the account and click Unsuspend.

Terminating an account

In the Account Functions menu, select Terminate an Account.

Select the account to terminate.

Click Terminate.

* Terminating an account will delete all of the content of that account, so it may be prudent to suspend the account before termination.

Now you have created a cPanel account provide the login details to your customer so they can begin adding email accounts and create website.