Knowledgebase: Email Archive
How to search, restore and download emails?

Kindly follow below steps to search on the email:-

  1. Login to as monitor@local
  2. Key in the keyword of the email you would like to search for example email address, the subject etc* For keyword, please add the wildcard character(*) after a word snippet (min. 5 characters), eg. duplic* to find "duplicate", "duplicated", etc.
  3. Once done, you will see the list of the emails

To restore the emails

  1. Select the email you wish to restore in your mailbox
  2. Click on "Restore to mailbox"
  3. If you would like to restore bulk of emails, tick on the box and click on "Bulk restore selected" button

To download emails to your PC

  1. Select the emails --> Click on Download EML

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