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How to migrate Wordpress Site

Below is the guidelines on how to migrate Wordpress site

1. Back up your website files in the old server

2. Export the WordPress database from the phpMyadmin

3. Create the WordPress Database on your new server

4. Update the new database details in wp-config.php File

a. Change The Database Name

define('DB_NAME', 'db_name');

b. Change the Database Username

define('DB_USER', 'db_user');

c. Change The Database User Password

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'db_pass');

Additional: if the new website have different URL location or domain name. Open the database using Notepad and Replace all the old URL with the new one (eg. -->

5. Import the database to the new server using Phpmyadmin

6. Upload the WordPress files to the New server

7. Tested the website

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