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Wordpress Core Files

When you install WordPress, you are actually installing a group of files (WordPress core) that become the admin interface of the website.

For troubleshooting, it will be very useful to have an understanding of what you are looking at when you are trying to find an offending file.

We can divide the WordPress files into 2 groups – the Core files and the Content files.


Core files - Make up the appearance and functionality of the WordPress platform

Content files - Added by the user in the form of themes, plugins, and images.




Wp_admin - This folder contains the various files of the WordPress dashboard. Control administrative and functions such as writing posts, moderating comments, installing plugins and themes.

Wp_includes - This folder contains all the other PHP files and classes which is required for WordPress core operations.

Wp_content - The wp_content folder contains all user uploaded data and divided into 3 sub-folders: Themes, Plugins & Uploads


Some important files:-


Wp-config.php - The actual configuration file used to connect WordPress to your MySQL database. This is not included in the default install, but must exist for successful operation of WordPress.

Index.php - Core WordPress index. This is the file that produces the blog output

Wp-login.php - The WordPress login page for registered users

.htaccess – A server configuration file, WordPress uses it to manage permalinks and redirects.


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