Scanning a file from device and Upload to mobile OneDrive

OneDrive mobile application allows user to scan a document directly from mobile device.

  1.       In OneDrive apps, tap on Files at the bottom of page. It will show list of your files that has been uploaded to OneDrive.
  2.       Tap on [+] icon on right top of the screen apps.
  3.       Select Scan. (To exit out of Scan mode without scanning anything, just tap the X icon in the upper left corner of your screen.)
  4.       Select the appropriate flash setting (on, off, automatic, or torch) by tapping the Flash icon in the upper right corner.
  5.       Select either Whiteboard, Document, Business Card, or Photo, then tap the white circle icon to scan the item.
  6.       Once you've scanned your item, you can crop it, rotate it, or modify the filter you selected earlier (Whiteboard, Document, Business Card, or            Photo).
  7.       If you don't like the image, tap the X icon in the upper left to delete the scan and try again.
  8.       Once you're done editing your item, tap Done, enter a file name, then tap Save.



  • Office 365 subscribers have the option for multi-page scanning, allowing you to combine multiple scans into a single PDF. To utilize that option, tap Add, then scan your next document.
  • Files are automatically saved as PDFs.

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