Create a communication site in SharePoint Online

Create a SharePoint communication site to share news, reports, status, and other information in a visually compelling format. Communication sites are responsive and can be viewed from anywhere on any device.

With a communication site, typically only a small set of members contribute content that is consumed by a much larger audience. If you want to collaborate with other members of your team or with others on a specific project, a team site is the better choice. With a team site, typically all or most members can contribute content to the site and the information is limited to only the members of the team or project and specific stakeholders.           


These steps will help to create communication site in SharePoint

  1. Sign in to Office 365.
  2. In the top left corner of the page, select the app launcher icon and then select the SharePoint tile. If you don't see the SharePoint tile, click the Sites tile or All if SharePoint is not visible.
  3. At the top of the SharePoint home page, click + Create site and choose the Communication site option.
  4. Select one of the following site designs:
  • Topic to share information such as news, events, and other content.
  • Showcase to use photos or images to showcase a product, team, or event.
  • Blank to create your own design.
  1. Give your new communication site a name and, in the Site description box, add some text that lets people know the purpose of your site.
  2. If enabled by your admin, choose a sensitivity label in the Sensitivity section. The options listed are created by your organization.
  3. Select a language for your site. For SharePoint Server 2019, your system admin must enable and install language packs for this option to be available.
  4. Click Finish. Your site will be created and will appear among the sites you're following. Your site will not inherit the permission settings or navigation of other sites. To share your communication site with others, see Share a site.

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