CloudFlare Error 1020 : How to fix it ?

CloudFlare Error 1020 Access Denied

Typical Cloudflare 1020 error (Access Denied) encountered by web visitors to access certain websites from their browser. Usually, it occurs whenever a connection request appears to pose a threat to the website. This particular Cloudflare error code almost exclusively happens on pages that use the Cloudflare CDN to optimize the website and facilitate more security. Most probably the IP address was blocked due to security concerns detected by the Cloudflare CDN despite the fact that it doesn’t really represent any danger.

Sometimes, the error code returns by mistake if your website has missing or outdated information, or if the server has crashed.

This is how you fix it

  1. Check Cookies are allowed 

  • Cookies used by Cloudflare to optimize certain features of the site according to visitor’s action. Purposely to provide visitors with a faster, personal, and more relevant experience. Thus, check  your web browser to ensure that cookies are permitted. 

  1. Clear Cache & Cookies

  • Browser automatically stores files on your computer that help the site load faster the next time you visit it. This unexpected error may occur even when you’ve successfully visited the site in the past because there are errors on this locally-saved (“cached”) copy of the webpage. Go into your browser settings and clear all of your cache and cookie data.

  1. Check the Server Configuration

  • Another probability the problem might be in the backend or overall site configuration. If you are the site owner, you can access Cloudflare’s dashboard and log into the site. From here, you can ensure all of the proper certificates are installed and loaded. You can also verify firewall rules and verify your server is properly configured.

  • The firewall or another application that utilized it may have caused error 1020 : Access Denied. Trying disabled firewall rules one by one and enabling those are needed for security and safety. 

If the client’s computer or browser isn’t the issue, try toggling different firewall rules in your Cloudflare server configuration.


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