Knowledgebase: SmarterMail 11.x
Editing Mailbox Size Limit in SmarterMail 7.x - 15.x

The following steps explains how to edit a user’s mailbox size limit through the SmarterMail interface. When a mailbox is created, the mailbox size limit is determined by the default value. Once created, you can manually change the limit on a per mailbox basis.

  1. Logon to the SmarterMail web interface ( with the administrator account credentials provided to you.
  2. Click on Settings button on the left.
  3. Expand Domain Settings and click on Users.
  4. Right-click on the user you wish to edit and click Edit.
  5. Under User tab set the Mailbox Size Limit* to the new size. Enter 0 if you wish to set the size limit to unlimited**
  6. Click Save button at the top.
* 1GB ≈ 1000MB
** Please note, the mailbox size for your domain is limited to the allocated disk space based on your package. Your domain cannot go over this limit, regardless of individual mailbox size limits.

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