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Outlook Express 2GB limit problem

Outlook Express stores emails in special files with .DBX extension. Every Outlook Express folder has its own file with DBX extension. For example, Inbox folder has a corresponding Inbox.dbx file, Outbox folder has a corresponding Outbox.dbx file and so on. There is a 2Gb limit for every DBX file and that can cause some serious problems. The matter is that the users often use e-mail nowadays to exchange different files with each other. As a rule, these are documents, photos, music, videos, program files, etc. All these files are of big size and your mailbox can eventually reach the 2Gb limit.

When Outlook Express folder reaches its 2Gb limit you can't place any messages in it anymore. But the worst is that you can't delete any emails from this folder to make its size smaller.

To solve the Outlook Express 2GB problem, do the following:-

  1. From your Outlook Express, go to Tool > Option > Maintenance > Store Folder
  2. Copy the entire string that usually start with C:/Documents...
  3. Open up My Computer
  4. Paste the string on the address bar and press enter.
  5. Locate any .dbx files that larger than 2GB or 2,000,000KB

In this example, we are assuming Inbox.dbx is larger than 2GB. To transfer all of the email from the Inbox to a newly created folder Inbox2, do the folowing:-

  1. Create a new folder namely Inbox2 from your Outlook Express (Right click on the Local Folders and select New Folder...)
  2. Close your Outlook Express
  3. Delete the inbox2.dbx (In the Store Folder)
  4. Rename the inbox.dbx to inbox2.dbx
  5. Run your Outlook Express

Now, all of your previous emails are storing in the Inbox2 folder and the Inbox folder is now empty. You should be able to receive a new incoming email in your Inbox once again.

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