Setting up your Google Apps Account

Sign into your Admin Console

  1. After you sign up for Google Apps, our support team will create the first Admin user for your account and will email you the login credentials to your Google Apps Admin Console within 24 hours of creating your request. If you have not received your details or need access to your account immediately please contact support.
  2. After logging in to your admin account, you need to accept the new Terms of Service that will be displayed. After accepting the terms of service, your services will be activated.

Domain verification

In your google Admin console , you'll follow steps to verify that you own your domain. You'll get a verification code to add to your website or your domain settings.
We can assist you with verifying your domain. Find out more about verifying your domain.

Adding users and manage services

I. Adding user accounts or email addresses

To let people in your organization start using Google Apps, you must add them to your account. You’ll give each team member an email address at your domain (like, so they can start using Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and all the other Google Apps services.

To create one or more user accounts:

Add users individually using your Google Admin console.

Add several users at once by uploading their names in a CSV file.

Find out more about options for adding users.

II. Adding more seats or licences to your existing account
If you would like to purchase more seats, login to our Admin Portal, select the appropriate Google Apps service, click on Upgrade/Downgrade options and set the number of seats.
Switch your business email to Gmail

Each users that you add to your Google Apps account get an email address at your domain. They can use this email address with your Google Apps Gmail service immediately to send email. Inbound mail won't start flowing to their Gmail account (and stop flowing to their old program) until you change your domain's MX records to point to Google servers. See Get started with Gmaill.

Migrate mail, contacts, and calendars

Consider the size and complexity of your organization and where your data is currently stored when choosing the best way to move your mail, contacts and calendar data to your new Google Apps account.

  • Simple import options-If you're an individual user or have fewer than 20 users in your organization, consider a simple import option.
  • All migration tools if you have many users or you currently use Microsoft® Exchange, there are various migration tools to choose from.
For more help regarding data migration, please see Migration guide.

Planning your deployment

To learn more about rollout plans, user guides, and videos, technical guides, and more, please see Google Apps deployment guide.

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