Knowledgebase: File Manager
Uploading Website & Database in Plesk

Upload Website files

    1. Login into Plesk
    2. Go to Websites & Domain then click on File Manager
    3. Locate the folder and click on httpdocs to open directory
    4. Click on + button and choose Upload File
    5. Select the zipped website files from computer storage and upload
    6. Once it is uploaded, click on the uploaded file and choose Extract Files
    7. Then, website files can be seen in the httpdocs folder

Import Database file

    1. Login to Plesk
    2. Go to Databases and select on phpMyAdmin
    3. After phpMyAdmin loads, click on the Import tab
    4. Click on the “Choose File” button and select your .SQL file
    5. On Format field by default is SQL
    6. Click on the Go button and the MySQL database will import

Notes: The database and database user must be created. Please refer here.

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